Why You Might Want To Skip The Specials At A Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine dining is an experience by itself. And it's made even better if you're being served a variety of delectable dishes that pamper your taste buds. But guess what: Even when it comes to fine dining restaurants, there are certain rules that are worth paying attention to if you want to make the most of your dining experience. Here's one tip. When you're at a popular eatery, you should opt for the cheapest bottle of wine instead of trying to impress others by going for the second cheapest option on the list, which many people do to avoid seeming stingy.

Why? As per the Independent, the second cheapest bottle of wine has, in many cases, has the highest markup. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and sip on the house wine instead. Also, here's another piece of advice. If you're at a fancy place, you should avoid its specials. Read on for more details on why this is a good idea.

You may not get the quality you expect

There is little doubt that the day's specials at a fine dining restaurant can seem rather appealing especially if you're someone who likes trying something different. In fact, occasionally, this can also be a great way to try meals that have been prepared using rare ingredients. However, there are other possibilities. As per a food critic Andrew Knowlton, some dishes are basically put on the specials list because restaurants need to find a way to finish extra ingredients that are getting closer to their expiration date (via Dr. Oz.)

By the way, if you spot something on the regular menu as well under the list of special items, you should consider that as a bad sign and avoid the dish for sure. Why? It's possible that the chef called for too many ingredients and now needs an easy solution to finish all the ingredients before they go bad. Not quite appetizing, huh?