The Big Change Coming To Kit Kat In 2021

Chocolate is a universal love language for many. So much so, that for decades companies have been pumping out delicious treats and candy bars in an effort to capture the hearts and attention of consumers (and their moolah, because let's be real). Today, stores and supermarkets are littered with chocolate-coated confections like M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Way bars, Kit Kat bars, and more.

According to Food Republic, there are more than 200 different flavors and varieties of Kit Kats sold in Japan alone (the country has unique flavors like sakura green tea, lemon cheesecake, European cheese, and wasabi, to name a few). While the United States' flavor variety pales in comparison, they are no chumps when it comes to producing and pumping out a few surprises of their own each year. Social media junk food and candy reviewer @candyhunting announced on Twitter that, come the new year, Kit Kat will be joining the "thins" market and releasing a remix of their signature chocolate wafer bars. According to the account, Kit Kat Thins will be hitting shelves March 2021.

Kit Kat Thins will come with two wafers instead of three

Totally the Bomb reports that regular Kit Kat bars come layered with three wafers — something that ensures the signature "crunch" aspect that many have come to love about the chocolate-coated candy bar. After all, what's a Kit Kat without some crunch? The new version is said to contain just two wafers instead (jury's out on whether the crunch will be affected dramatically by this change or not). The report states that the new, thinner Kit Kat bars will come individually wrapped in the brands iconic red packaging, neatly tucked into seven ounce resealable bags perfect for those looking to get a continual chocolate fix at home or to share with friends.

Best Products describes the new version of the candy bar as looking much like the regular version, but questions whether or not a thinner Kit Kat was actually needed. According to the outlet, this isn't the first time Kit Kat's parent company, Hershey's, has entered into the "thins" market. Hershey's has previously released Reese's Thins in multiple flavors and York Thins, which are a slimmer version of the classic peppermint patties.