Popular Chewing Gums, Ranked Worst To Best

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Chewing gum: prized treat of your school days to be passed around to your friends, your crushes, and the popular kids with whom you wanted to be friends. It was social currency as much as it was a delectable burst of flavor and a breath freshener to get you through the next period. Just don't let the teacher catch you chewing it!

These days, gum probably doesn't play the same role it did in your life when you were a kid, but that doesn't mean you don't still love it. Whether you chew it to freshen your breath or just because you want to enjoy a delicious taste without constantly eating something, there's nothing like your favorite piece of gum when you need a middle-of-the-day pick-me-up.

But which chewing gum should you reach for the next time you have a craving? Well, it depends on what you look for in a gum. But in our opinion, this is the ultimate ranking of some of the most popular brands on the market. See which ones you agree with, which ones you don't, and which ones you still have yet to try.

13. Chiclets

If you're wondering why this chewing gum brand sounds so familiar, it's because it's been around forever. Well, not forever officially, but it's been around since the early 1900s. The thing that sets this gum apart from all the rest? The special candy coating, which not only lends the gum a burst of flavor but also helps preserve the gum for longer.

While Chiclets may have been a delicacy back in the day, we don't get quite as excited about them now. Let's be honest — they don't taste that good. The candy coating is just extra sugar that most adults probably don't want to be chewing on on a regular basis, and it lends a slightly plastic taste to the gum. Plus, the pieces aren't large enough, so you'll feel like you have to chew two or more at a time.

Sure, you may love the fact that they come in an assortment of flavors, but when you consider that none of the colors have a particularly pleasant taste, you'll realize that it's time to leave this historic gum in the past.

12. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

We all love a good bubble gum once in a while, right? Well, not if that bubble gum is Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape.

First of all, the "tape" version of this gum has a strange texture we just couldn't get down with. It gives the gum a strange texture that's quite different from any bubble gum you would find in its standard shape. Plus, the flavor is just too sweet to really enjoy chewing on this gum for more than a few minutes.

One Amazon reviewer had this to say about the gum: "It is a very thick weird pale color. ... This gum has no flavor and is stale and hard to chew right from the package." No flavor apart from the sugar, that is.

It might be "six feet of fun," but you shouldn't touch this chewing gum with a ten-foot pole. Listen. We know that bubble gum isn't going to be everyone's jam, and even if you don't like it, you shouldn't feel the need to turn up your nose in disgust at it. But you just might if you come across some of this bubble gum.

11. Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Peppermint

You probably remember when Ice Breakers Ice Cubes came out years ago. There were so many commercials for these things, they're probably burned in the back of your brain somewhere. But that's not because the gum was actually good, unfortunately.

This is a sugar-free gum, but it's still way, way too sweet. Why? Because it contains a sugar replacement called xylitol, according to The Impulsive Buy. Like other sweeteners, it's probably not great for you if you eat a lot of it. But more importantly, it gives the gum a sickly sweet flavor that you're probably not interested in if you're looking for freshness.

In their review, The Impulsive Buy said that the "cubes failed rather miserably in providing any type of freshness," adding, "Not only are they sickeningly sweet, but they have a grainy and unpleasant texture to start. Any cooling effect you're supposed to get is completely masked."

So there you have it. If you want to enjoy a chewing gum that's actually refreshing, you can pass this one up in favor of a gum further down this list.

10. Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill

You may love the cooling sensation you get when you pop a Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill, but how good is it really when it comes to flavor? If you ask us, not that great. We don't think this gum is as cooling as it sounds, which left us with a bad taste in our mouths (pun intended).

At least, you may think, if the gum doesn't taste that good, it's probably not too bad for you then, right? Unfortunately, you'd be wrong on this count. In fact, Eat This, Not That! put Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill on its list of worst (meaning least healthy) gums on the market. It earned its spot on this list mostly because of its list of artificial and dubious-sounding ingredients.

If you're going to eat a chewing gum that's not good for you, it might as well taste good, and Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill simply falls flat. It's not the worst gum in the world, but we certainly wouldn't buy this stuff at the checkout line.

9. Bubble Yum

Bubble Yum is another one of those brands that's been around for a while. Not as long as Chiclets, mind you, but some of us definitely remember this stuff from our childhoods. The brand came onto the scene in 1975, and it was created by Life Savers. It was actually the first soft bubble gum that was ever created. And that's exactly why it's gotten up so high in our list.

We will admit that the texture of this bubble gum is rather pleasant, so we won't write it off completely. But the flavor? Well, if you're past your childhood years, it likely won't be your favorite, with its artificial taste and sugar-y sweetness. One Influenster user summed it up best: "As an adult this gum is awful. Full of sugar, over sweet, and horrible texture. As a child though it was the best! I always loved the [cotton] candy flavor. Definitely a fun part of growing up is getting to have this gum!"

You might want to leave this chewing gum for the kids, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring back fond childhood memories with a piece every once in a while.

8. Wrigley's Big Red

Now here's where things start looking up. Not everyone likes cinnamon gum, of course, but if you're a fan, then there's an excellent chance that you're going to love Wrigley's Big Red. This may be the most recognizable cinnamon gum on the market (though it's only available in the U.S., Canada, and Germany). It was introduced to the brand's line in 1976 with the slogan "kiss a little longer," as noted by Delish.

One thing that's for sure: You will definitely get a rush of fresh breath after you chew this chewing gum. For those who don't like more cooling flavors like peppermint, this flavor is out of this world. Just don't expect it to stick around for long. The flavor loses its potency fast. So even though it tastes good in the beginning, before long, you'll just be chewing on a flavorless glob of gum.

An Influenster reviewer expressed this same concern: "This has always been my favorite gum. The only downside is it [loses] flavor quickly. The flavor alone is pretty good, I just wished it would last longer." We have to agree.

7. Wrigley's Doublemint

If you're looking for the ultimate run-of-the-mill gum, you can turn to another Wrigley's classic: Doublemint. It was around long before Big Red, though — this flavor debuted in 1914 (via Delish). Since then, it's been a widely popular gum, and you can probably find it at any local grocery store.

As you may expect, this gum has a strong mint flavor. Is it double the mint flavor of other mint-flavored gums? We wouldn't say so, but keep in mind that this product earned its name over 100 years ago... so it may have been the best on the market at the time. If you like plain mint, you're sure to like this flavor, as it's smooth and inoffensive.

While the flavor doesn't last a terribly long time, it sticks around long enough. But Roxanne C. from Influenster said it best in her review: "This gum may have been good back in the day, but now with so many new options, this gum is truly lacking." With so many more options available to you today, we probably wouldn't put Doublemint at the top of our list of suggested gums, but if someone offers you some, you probably won't want to turn it down.

6. Orbit Wintermint

If you're looking for an alternative to your usual mint gum, you may want to branch out and try Orbit. In fact, it's one of our favorite mint gums on the market. It's super refreshing, which means you can chew it at any time of day and feel like you have fresh breath, but it's not your average mint flavor — truly something you have to try for yourself.

However, something that makes this gum better than many other options out there is the fact that the flavor lasts for so long. If you're the kind of person who's always chewing, this is going to be a great option for you. After all, who wants to throw their gum out after only 15 minutes of chewing?

Visit the customer reviews section of any place this gum is sold online, and you'll see people praising it and claiming it's their favorite gum. In our opinion, the only downside is the long list of sketchy-sounding ingredients, including the xylitol we previously mentioned and aspartame, an artificial sweetener linked to potential negative side effects.

5. Dubble Bubble Original

Another truly historic chewing gum and one that has certainly kept up with the times is Dubble Bubble. It originally came out in 1928, and it's been thrilling kids ever since. We'll admit it — this stuff is downright sweet. You can basically feel the sugar crystals as you bite into a piece of it. But the fact that you can blow such huge bubbles with the stuff makes it a no-brainer for kids (and adults) who want the thrill of some good old-fashioned bubble gum.

When you bite into a piece of Double Bubble, it tastes like nostalgia. Remember when you got to taste a piece for the first time? It's still as gloriously juicy as it was back in the day. Ashley W. from Influenster said, "I freaking love these! I know [it's] probably because they are pure sugar but I loved these as a child and I love them now."

Let's be honest. If we tried Double Bubble for the first time now, would we like it as much? Probably not. It's just too sugar-y. But when you consider the nostalgia that eating a piece of it brings, it's clear to see why it's still a widespread favorite for gum lovers.

4. Trident Cinnamon

If you don't love Wrigley's Big Red, we have some good news for you. There's another cinnamon brand on the market, and we actually like this one better. It's Trident Cinnamon, and you'd better prepare yourself for a burst of cinnamon flavor when you pick up a pack of this stuff online or at your grocery store checkout line.

Trident is known for making chewing gum that provides long-lasting flavor, meaning that you don't have to keep getting new pieces or just keep chewing on the same flavorless piece long after it actually tastes good. And since Trident Cinnamon tastes so good in the first place, it only makes sense that you'd want the flavor to last as long as possible. And the best part? It doesn't contain aspartame, unlike many other gums out there on the market.

Influenster user Alicia M. expressed her love for this gum, saying, "Trident Cinnamon is my all time go-to gum of choice. It's affordable, has a long lasting flavor, and if one of the only gums that has good flavor WITHOUT aspartame! All of the other yummy gums have aspartame which is one of the worst sweeteners for you."

If you're looking for a gum that's aspartame-free, has an amazing taste, and keeps its flavor for a long time, you can't go wrong with Trident Cinnamon.

3. Extra Polar Ice

One of our favorite mint chewing gums out there? If you press us to make a choice, we'll have to go with Extra Polar Ice. It really does offer a burst of freshness unlike any other gum on the market that we've tried. It's an unusual mint flavor — this isn't your grandma's Doublemint. Instead, it's on the milder, sweeter side while still being super refreshing. The texture is also interesting. Instead of just being a boring old piece of gum, you'll notice that there's a texture that almost offers a slight crunch. Sounds weird, but it makes this stuff seriously addictive.

In fact, one Extra Polar Ice chewer was such a big fan that they wrote a whole blog post about the gum, saying, "The flavor of Extra Polar Ice is unlike any other mint gum on the market today. It's sort of a sweet-mint, closer to a wintermint flavor than a pepper or spearmint. It refreshes the mouth from the very first chew, [eradicating] any hint of offensive odor your breath may have had. The flavor is not only pleasant, but it lasts and lasts."

A tasty mint gum that has long-lasting flavor you can't get enough of? You might as well just keep a pack of this stuff in your purse or pocket.

2. Wrigley's Juicy Fruit

Here at Mashed, we're willing to take a controversial stand every now and then, and this is one issue that we won't be silent about. You might not be a kid any longer, but you can't deny that Juicy Fruit is one of the tastiest gums on the market. In fact, it may be one of the only types of gum that you loved as a kid that you can still chew now.

Why? Because while the flavor appeals to kids, it's not so strong or sweet as to make it a turn-off for adults. In fact, adults looking for an alternative to mint gum might find Juicy Fruit a good alternative to chew on when they want something that's flavorful without being overwhelming. It has a good texture and a long-lasting, fruity flavor that's hard to get tired of.

It seems that the internet agrees with us: Juicy Fruit gets consistently high ratings wherever it's sold. Influenster user Erin E. reminded us why we like this gum so much when she wrote, "Juicy Fruit brings back good childhood memories for me! My absolute favorite thing is that it smells just as good as it [tastes]!"

The fact that it tastes good only adds to our sense of nostalgia whenever we open up a pack of this classic chewing gum.

1. 5 Gum Peppermint Cobalt

We don't care if 5 Gum is best known to reside in the cluttered backpack pockets of high school boys. One of the newer gums on the market, it provides an unbelievably fresh taste that you'll want to enjoy again and again. Peppermint Cobalt is our favorite flavor, as it's probably the freshest-tasting mint gum we've tried. The flavor is a little unusual, so get ready for the unexpected.

We love how long the flavor lasts — in fact, we were surprised at just how long it lasted. We kept chewing on this stuff forever until the flavor finally started to fade. And even then, it wasn't unpleasant, as a hint of the flavor stuck around for a long time as well.

Amazon reviewers have taken to the platform to express their love of this gum, including one reviewer who wrote, "I love this gum. The flavors last longer than other [gums] ... I literally wouldn't chew gum if [it's] not this kind. The taste stays for a long time. This is worth the deal. .... Great product and taste."

If you're looking for the perfect everyday chewing gum for the freshest breath and long-lasting flavor, 5 Gum Peppermint Cobalt may just become your go-to choice.