The Real Reason Costco Shoppers Are Unhappy With This VitaminWater Deal

With the holiday season coming to a close, many people have had to stretch their budget to accommodate unforeseen expenses, so it's no surprise that shoppers are now looking for ways to save money where they can. Wholesale supermarket chain Costco often offers great deals for their members to save on their grocery bill, and this week is no exception — the supermarket is currently offering a sale on their 20-pack cases of VitaminWater Zero Sugar.

The Instagram account @costcodeals shared the discounted price with their followers, posting on their page: "@VitaminWater Zero Sugar is now on sale for $4 off now only $11.99 for 20/20oz bottles! Promo deal ends 1/24! Available in @Costco warehouses nationwide!" However, not all of their followers were excited about the news. Some Costco fans were upset that the deal appears to only apply to the sugar-free VitaminWater and no other drinks made by the brand, with many expressing their disappointment on the social media platform. 

Costco's deal only applies to VitaminWater Zero Sugar

Some Costco customers also took to the Instagram post shared by @costcodeals to debate the health benefits of zero sugar drinks in general, with @joebaggos saying "0 sugar drinks are actually worse for you." User @its_sary_time responded to this assertion: "diet soda is actually not great for you but I drink a lot of sugar free drinks which is better for you like the 'ice' drink... and when the sweetness is coming from monk fruit or stevia then it's not bad for you."

Regardless of their personal opinion on sugar-free products, many Costco fans simply wished the sale included regular VitaminWater as well as the zero sugar drink. User @lyns2600 posed "Is it only zero sugar?" while @robertdiaz_ implored the account to: "Bring back the regular vitamin water." Instagram user @maxsyna replied: "Wish they had regular," and user @safetynancy complained: "Why do you only sell zero during the winter. You're losing tons of customers that won't drink Zero!!!"

While this Costco sale may be great news for the sugar-free crowd, this deal has left many Costco customers disappointed with the limited selection. Hopefully next time, Costco will be able to extend their offering to include all varieties of VitaminWater to please more of their members.