The Real Reason Guy Fieri Keeps Such Unique Pets

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is, without a doubt, unconventional. He's not afraid to stand out in a crowd and be unapologetically himself. Whether that means embracing his bad boy persona or experimenting with the kind of food he cooks, he's one of a kind. As Thrillist succinctly pointed out in 2015, Fieri is a bit of an "enigma." More specifically, the outlet said he's "a riddle wrapped in a puzzle with a pair of sunglasses on the back of his head."

Many folks love to hate Fieri, but it's undeniable that the chef and TV show host is unafraid to do what many shudder to try: going to places that are far from glamorous, diving into America's relatively unknown eateries, and discovering food gems somewhere along the way.

Another thing that Fieri does speak about quite a bit is the love that he has for his pets. Get this: The chef has had, among other pets, a tortoise called Pops. A gross, but fun fact? Pops loves to feast on dog poop. Eeks. Fieri once told GQ about Pops and said, "Pops has his own pen on the property, although a massive hole in the wire is a stark reminder of all the times he has broken free... And there's an old, crusty hard hat sitting on the ground in the middle of the pen. The hard hat is Pops's girlfriend." Teehee.

So, what other pets does Fieri have — and why does he have them? Keep reading to find out.

Guy Fieri's pets are useful in more ways than one

During the pandemic, Guy Fieri was in quarantine with his peacocks and hundreds of goats (via the Washington Post). The reason he decided to have so many goats at his ranch? Well, he needed an "organic weed control" method. Plus, he told Grub Street that his pet goats are actually rather smart. As for the peacocks, in Fieri's own words: "They help keep the rattlesnake population down." Well, makes sense if you think about it!

Redditors commented on the fact that Fieri has peacocks and goats at his ranch. The top comment read, "Our toughest battles require our strongest soldiers." Another commentator wrote that they reckon Fieri is a genuinely good dude with a big heart. Another sassy commentator wrote, "This guy has bad restaurants, flames on his shorts, drives Lamborghinis and helps people. Deal with it." As always, the chef is simply living his best life with his family and pets.