McDonald's Fans Won't Want To Miss This Free Delivery Deal

Nothing makes a day easier than grabbing a bite from our favorite fast food chains. The only thing more convenient than picking up the food in a drive-through, is when we use a food delivery app and have our meal brought straight to our house. If you love the convenience, but can't figure out why delivery prices have so much extra bloat, you aren't alone. According to Techcrunch, services like Uber Eats contain a ton of hidden extra fees that severely jack up the price of any item by up to 20 percent. If you have begrudgingly accepted these hidden charges as a necessary evil, McDonald's has a new promotion that can make anyone excited to order delivery again.

According to Chewboom, McDonald's wants to celebrate New Years with you by waiving delivery fees when you order through Uber Eats between Dec. 31 to Jan. 3, 2021. In order to qualify for this special deal, you just need to order over $20 worth of food. While this offer seems straightforward enough, the fine print makes things a bit less exciting. This offer only covers participating regions and only waives the delivery fee, so you still have to fork out some extra money for service fees.

McDonald's isn't a stranger to free delivery

If you feel pressured to score a delivery from McDonald's with a reduced price tag, don't assume you won't have some time in the future to take advantage of a similar deal. According to Nation's Restaurant News, McDonald's and Subway offered a similar promotion in March of this year, and you can always grab some coupons to help knock down the price of a McDonald's delivery (via Business Insider). If the burger chain doesn't strike your fancy over the next few days, just remember there's no rush and we might see a similar deal again very soon.

If you really crave an order of chicken nuggets or a burger, make sure to jump on this promotion, especially if you don't feel like braving the cold or risking any unnecessary contact with COVID. Just make sure to tip your driver, as the promotion doesn't cover their work and everyone could use some extra holiday cheer at this time of year.