Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Jarred Green Chiles

Green chile is a way of life in New Mexico: it's in everything from burgers at McDonald's to coffee shop breakfast burritos, as The Kitchn will attest. You can also practically soak up the smell of roasting green chiles in every corner of the city for a few months in the early fall. Certified Hatch green chiles are the real deal, hailing from a valley with unique growing conditions that make green chile from New Mexico one of its top exports, according to New Mexico Magazine. Now, Costco shoppers everywhere can get a (very large) taste of this staple of Southwestern life.

According to the aptly named Instagram account costco_doesitagain, all Costco locations are now boasting huge jars of 505 Southwestern's Flame Roasted Green Chile for 30 percent off the price of around $5.59. It's medium spicy, will disappoint some chile-lovers, but any New Mexican will tell you it's about the flavor, not just the heat (via Focus New Mexico). 505 is also the area code of Albuquerque — New Mexico's biggest city, according to census data — and also where its 505 Southwestern's manufacturing plant is located.

What Costco fans are saying and how to use green chile

Giant jars of green chile at Costco have people crying. Well, almost. One Reddit user wrote, "I used to live in New Mexico and when I found out that Costco was carrying the 505 chiles I almost wept." Another user, raleel, wrote, "I bought 3 jars and have cleared through one." Pretty major, considering these babies are 40 ounces. A user on Instagram in Juneau, Ala., even commented that they had bought eight bottles of the stuff.

Users also had simple ideas for how to use the distinctive green sauce. One user, bodbybakedbeans, wrote on Reddit about their chile verde with chicken stock and pork and another suggested a recipe from Serious Eats. Chile chicken enchilada casserole was another idea, and a few more advocated for green chile in scrambled eggs. One user said they combined green chile with pork rinds and eggs in a breakfast burrito. With so many other delicious options for your green chile, what are you waiting for?