Costco Fans Won't Want To Miss This Muffin Deal

If you are looking for a post-holiday pick-me-up over the next few days, but do not want to break the bank, you can rest assured Costco has you covered. Already known for their low prices and great savings, the wholesale chain has just announced a new deal in their bakery department. Costco is now selling any two six packs of their signature muffins at a steal for just $7.99. 

Understandably, Costco fans excitedly turned to social media to share the news. "Mix and Match muffins! Pick two 6 packs for $7.99," @costco_doesitagain announced on their page. That's less than a dollar a muffin, which is quite the deal, especially because, as Instagram user @imnonoa pointed out, their muffin's sizes are already very generous. "Why don't they make a muffin that isn't ginormous? Those monstrosities are each more than enough for 3 people," she posted. However, it seems most shoppers do not see a problem with the oversized sweet treats.

Costo fans raved about the deal on social media

Other followers were quick to celebrate the arrival of this great deal. Follower @calliebowers posted: "Our favorites!! So stinking yummy!!" Instagram user @realdadsofcostco agreed, saying: "This dad's kids loves these muffins!!" And @kimkapps simply posted: "What a deal!" While muffins are traditionally a breakfast food, Costco muffins are so big and tasty that they can easily be served as dessert, or simply warmed up and enjoyed with a hot drink as part of a sweet mid-afternoon snack.

Costco muffins come in a variety of flavors, including blueberry, apple, poppy seed, almond, and chocolate chip, depending on your local Costco location. But be warned, once you purchase the Costco brand, you might never go back, which @p_dizzzle found out the hard way. "I'm addicted to the chocolate chip muffins. You guys have ruined chocolate chip muffins from any other place for me," he said. However, it seems user @mrs.megansullivan summed it up best with her post, which simply read: "Sounds amazing!"