The Guinness World Records L.A. Beast Holds

YouTube celebrity and competitive eater, Kevin Thomas Strahle, better known as L.A. Beast, is a talented man. His videos range from the quirky to the downright crazy. As he describes on YouTube himself, he is a "professional competitive eater, and a YouTube entertainer." He further adds, "I like to do all the crazy and seemingly impossible tasks that the average human being would never even consider doing."

He isn't lying. In one of his videos, the vlogger ate as many ice cream bars as he could in a short period. And what's more, he was upside down the entire time, basically guaranteeing the ultimate brain freeze. A top commenter praised the L.A. Beast for his hard work, writing, "Honestly, this is probably the only time someone has eaten 20 ice cream sandwiches upside down." The brave YouTuber has also managed to break Guinness World Records with some of his feats. Read on for more info.

Feeding the Beast

First things first: L.A. Beast has set several Guinness World Records, some of which have since been beaten by other beasts. In 2017, he knocked out two of them. Broadcasting the feats on Facebook Live, the food daredevil finished the most ghost peppers in two minutes and the highest amount of chicken nuggets in just three minutes. This couldn't have been easy: he ate 642 grams of nuggets and 121 grams of ghost peppers. Are you thinking what we're thinking? This man is extraordinary.

He came back to live stream on Facebook just a few days later while attempting more records, namely, the "most powdered doughnuts eaten in three minutes" and "fastest time to chug a bottle of maple syrup."  For the doughnuts, the earlier record was six in three minutes. Our man polished off a total of nine doughnuts. Once he was done with this challenge, he gulped down a whole bottle of maple syrup in less than 11 seconds and got himself another shiny new record. 

Wait. There is more. Guess how many world records he has now? Seven are currently listed. Those achievements, per Guinness World Records, include feasting on the most peanut butter cups in one minute (8), eating all the chocolates from an advent calendar faster than anybody else (1 minute 27.84 seconds), and finishing two liters of soda with a straw in 1 minute 21.09 seconds. What a guy!