KFC Singapore's Newest Menu Item Is Literally Just Chicken Skin

You might not admit it, but sinking your teeth into the crispy, battered chicken skin comes as one of the best parts of ordering a bucket of fried chicken. If you love fried chicken skin, you aren't alone — chicken skin chicharrones make for a perfect keto-friendly snack that people can't put down (via Low Carb Maven). KFC has tapped into this unspoken love affair, with a new product that has made everyone take notice and you won't believe the hype until you try a bite for yourself.

According to Yahoo News, the fried chicken chain has introduced two new menu options to its Singapore market for a limited time starting today — spicy chicken skin and original flavor chicken skin. The menu item made its first appearance in the country back in November 2019 and sold out in hours. The menu item comes with a price tag of $3.60 and the original recipe chicken skins come coated in KFC's signature 11 secret herbs and spices, while the spicy skins get kicked up a notch with a spicy, fragrant powder. If you love a solid snack, you have to get your hands on an order of these skins while you can.

KFC is no stranger to chicken skins

Fried chicken skins have been a hit globally since KFC began offering the items across various international restaurants. According to Fox News, the chain has previously introduced the menu item in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to a massive positive response from diners. Many of the restaurants that carried this specialty dish quickly sold out and while this specialty hasn't made it stateside yet, the popularity of this menu item might just change the way we approach chicken skin. If you can get your hands on this product, make sure to move fast, according to Yahoo News, the limited time offer doesn't have a set end date, so who knows when this hit item might disappear. 

If you have had any qualms about chowing down on a bag of crispy skins before this, set aside any fears or concerns and sink into the rich flavor of this menu item that people can't put down. With enough public support, we might get KFC to bring this delicious side to the U.S. After all, KFC brought the item to Singapore after fans took to social media demanding the chicken skins. With so much flavor packed into each crisp bite, we just have to wait and see what the future holds for this crowd-pleasing favorite.