This New Avocado Oil Spray From Trader Joe's Has Fans Excited

Avocado oil is a great pantry staple for anyone serious about healthy meal prep. It has a fairly neutral flavor, it contains the healthy fats your body needs to function properly, and its high smoke point makes it super useful for any meals that need to cook at a higher heat (via Time). Unfortunately, thanks to its usually inaccessible price, many of us have to opt for more affordable oils. Thankfully, Trader Joe's solved that problem for us with its Virgin Cold Pressed Avocado Oil. But now, we have an option that's even more user and budget friendly: Trader Joe's Avocado Oil Spray.

"Let's start the New Year with a new cooking spray!" posted Instagram fan page traderjoeslist. "It's healthier than many other oils including butter. It has a naturally mild flavor letting all your tasty ingredients take center stage on your taste buds. I'll be using this to coat my chickpeas before I air-fry them. How will you use it?" 

Fans react to Trader Joe's Avocado Oil Spray

According to traderjoeslist's Instagram, the avocado oil spray is also only $3.49. One fan wrote on social media, "I have this! I love it!" Another wrote in the comment section they loved the clean ingredients, "This all I use for its purity, read the ingredients on other sprays." And Instagrammer traderjoe'saficionado first posted about this spray a few days ago, saying, "NEW Avocado Oil Spray! Yay! Excited to use this for baking among other things."

The label recommends holding the can six inches to a foot from the pan and spraying until the whole surface is coated. According to the nutrition facts, a spray that lasts a third of a second rounds to zero calories, so this spray is a great way to keep your food from sticking to the pan without loading up on cholesterol. The label on TJ's shelves adds that this spray is a "pure, all-purpose, mild flavor and scent." Healthy and low calories sound like a win-win to us!