KFC Is Calling Its New Chicken Sandwich Its 'Best Ever'

KFC has pulled out all the stops in the past few weeks. According to Forbes, the brand recently announced plans to create a high-powered video game console that has a heating chamber where you can keep your KFC products warm, right on the heels of its Lifetime romance short film starring Mario Lopez (via Eater). The brand continues its marketing blitz with the announcement that they have stepped up the chicken sandwich wars with the introduction of its new, massive fried chicken sandwich that can put competitors to shame.

According to Delish, KFC called its brand-new chicken sandwich "its best chicken sandwich ever," and after examining the meal, we might just agree. The sandwich features a quarter pound of crispy, deep-fried white meat chicken between a brioche bun and comes topped with pickle slices and either mayo or spicy sauce. This sandwich doesn't hide behind any gimmicks and diners love it — after its initial test run in Florida proved successful, KFC made the decision to bring the menu item to a national stage, and by the end of February, the sandwich should appear at all KFCs nationwide.

A KFC sandwich with love in every bite

Despite the paired-down ingredient listing, this sandwich stands as a work of art. KFC went through ten different recipes and joined forces with six bakeries in order to find the perfect recipe used for this sandwich's brioche bun (via Delish). The amount of dedication that went into the creation of the item has paid off. According to Forbes, the introduction of the meal should help the brand dominate the chicken sandwich wars. With the new item piggybacking on the momentum of the brand's latest Secret Recipe Fries hitting menus nationwide, KFC has positioned itself in a key spot to really shine in 2021. 

Keep an eye out for this new meal hitting your area in the next few weeks. You can use the KFC menu tracker to see if your area has this classic sandwich yet (via KFC). Clearly this sandwich has whipped up a ton of popularity for good reason, so you don't want to miss trying the meal that the brand has claimed as its "best ever."