People Are Losing It Over This New Strawberry Donut Flavored Oreo

Donuts just make everything better, and the numbers don't lie. According to Statista, over 201 million Americans couldn't get enough of these sweet treats in 2020. With a huge amount of popularity, it's no wonder brands love to capitalize on the distinct taste that donuts provide. The latest company to step forward with a snack anyone can love has done something truly remarkable to this iconic flavor. According to Instagram user candyhunting, Oreo has introduced limited edition strawberry frosted donut Oreos, a cookie that guarantees to make 2021 significantly better.

According to the post, these new Oreos officially come out in March and feature pink-colored creme centers with glitter, stacked between what appear to be two vanilla Oreo cookies. The post has taken off, gathering over 7,600 likes and the replies have been rolling in. Responses to the announcement have remained overwhelmingly positive, ranging from "baby this has [me] hyped," to "now that's a real Oreo flavor." If all of this hasn't gotten you hyped up, just wait until you hear the specifics of the cookie's release.

An Oreo cookie that can heal 2021

According to Best Product, the donut flavor comes through in the creme center, which not only includes the pink strawberry-flavored creme sprinkled with rainbow glitter, but also contains another layer of donut-flavored creme, making this Oreo an instant winner. If this cookie doesn't strike your fancy, you have some more options coming in. According to Delish, the brand intends to release a gluten-free Oreo this month, in addition to a slew of other flavors, so if you love to snack on these creme-filled cookies, you won't get bored anytime soon. 

Now for the bad news — this cookie only can stick around for a limited time. Oreo plans to release the new donut Oreo nationwide, but once supplies run out, don't expect this flavor to return anytime soon (via Best Product). If you can't get your cookie fix without the help of this new flavor, you might want to stock up, as this winning flavor combo guarantees to find its way into the heart of anyone who tastes it. So, keep an eye out when you go grocery shopping because you definitely don't want to miss the debut of this Oreo that changes the whole snack game.