Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Psyched For These New Gluten-Free Muffins

It's hard to find anything that hasn't been freed of its gluten these days, and of course Trader Joe's snacks are no exception. They're out with Cinnamon Coffee Cake gluten-free muffins, free of all wheat and begging to be the reason you pretend muffins aren't actually breakfast-cake. Instagram accounts @thesnacksoflife@traderjoesafficionado and @traderjoeslist posted pictures of these indulgent-looking new muffins, and fans are simultaneously excited and offended by the new product.

First, the upside: folks with medical gluten issues can catch a break with an indulgent treat. User k_aylaharris commented on a post from @traderjoeslist, "I am SO hype for these. Celiac here been craving muffins!!" Another, jillykos, wrote "I will stalk Trader Joe's until I find these!!!" The original poster wrote in her description, "My approach in consuming this will be to cut it in half, toast it, then top it with some French butter and enjoy it with a matcha latte (or coffee if it's the weekend)." Sounds delish.

There are Trader Joe's gluten-free muffin skeptics, too

As many commenters noted, "healthy" is not what you're getting when you buy this four-pack of "moist sour cream cake with cinnamon bits and brown sugar." The first ingredient is sugar. Yes, people, it's the first ingredient: 31 grams of it. Only on the eighth ingredient do we get to "rice flour," which is what they swapped in for the usual wheat flour. Each muffin has a whopping 440 calories, and an astounding 23 grams of fat (via Instagram). Well, no one said gluten-free had to be good for you.

Some commenters expressed mild annoyance at the ingredients list and nutrition, writing comments like these on another post: "Look so good but Yikes, Those ingredients are atrocious!" and "Have some sugar, sodium, and fat! Ugh." For some, all of that is worth it. A commenter claiming they got the last pack at their Trader Joe's said, "They're SO GOOD!" And as @thesnacksoflife reminds us, "Inevitably someone will comment on the nutrition facts. It's a muffin, you." Yes, you.