Read This Before Eating More Raspberries

Everyone knows that one of the suggested recommendations for living a healthier lifestyle is getting in all the nutrients you can from your diet. On the lengthy list of things we need to eat are fruits, and according to the USDA, people (of all ages and genders) need about one to two cups of fruit daily. Now, if you want to get more exact about how much that is, Healthline reports that it's about 400 grams a day. The USDA asserts that your fruit intake can come from fruits that are fresh, canned, frozen, dried, or pureed (this last one is great if you want to sneak some into your picky little eater's diet). 

But, what happens when you have special dietary restrictions, like that of a pregnant person? Are fruits like raspberries safe for you to consume? How will something as small as a raspberry affect a parent or fetus? WebMD cites that anyone pregnant should be careful and ask their doctors just in case.

Raspberries could have a negative effect on people who are pregnant

According to WebMD, while raspberries as a whole fruit are deemed safe for consumption for many people, they could start premature labor in anyone who is pregnant if they aren't careful. WebMD also notes that pregnant people, as well as those with estrogen sensitivities, should keep an eye out for anything that has raspberry leaves in it. While typically used in supplements, the site explains that red raspberry leaves have estrogen-like effects that could negatively impact those who experience endometriosis, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, or uterine cancer. 

Raspberry supplements could potentially prove to be somewhat harmful to people who are breastfeeding as well. In addition to that, Medical News Today adds that raspberries may have residual pesticides on them that were used by the farmer and company that grew them. The publication suggests buying organic raspberries just to be safe. Medical News Today also notes that some raspberry supplements contain raspberry ketones, and while many companies market their benefits and safety, science hasn't proven there to be any as of yet. Always talk to your doctor before taking raspberry supplements to avoid any possible drug interactions or complications.