The Truth About Kenneth McDuffie From Hell's Kitchen Season 19

It is undeniable that the nineteenth season of Hell's Kitchen is set to be a blockbuster. As highlighted by Reality Blurred, the latest season, which premiered in January 2021, was produced in Las Vegas on a new set. Fun fact: Gordon Ramsay's burgeoning popularity has really helped the show over the years, in terms of getting more viewers to sit up and take notice. The cast often spends a significant amount of the time with the chef and looks up to him for his work and the example he's set for others in the culinary industry.

As far as Hell's Kitchen's latest season, there are several interesting participants that are going to be appearing on the show, including chef Kenneth McDuffie. According to Gold Derby, the chef is from Philadelphia, Penn. The chef is no newbie and has been a professional for around 15 years (via Philadelphia Gay News). Here's what you need to know about this enterprising chef.

Chef Kenneth McDuffie doesn't give up

For Kenneth McDuffie, this isn't his first shot at trying to be a part of Hell's Kitchen. The chef first tried to enter six years ago, but couldn't succeed. To be fair, this is a very competitive process: More than 100,000 applicants try to get in. It's a tough world out there. 

As reported by Philadelphia Gay News, McDuffie, who is gay, once courted controversy when there were false reports circulating about the chef being diagnosed with HIV. He doesn't have the virus, and it was stressful for him to fight the rumors. Thankfully, most people supported him in those times and his business flourished. He was also tackling mental health issues, such as depression, when a friend encouraged him to give the show a shot once more.

"I didn't want to even cook anymore. I didn't think I was going to be cast. But I told my story, and the rest is history," McDuffie said, adding that being a part of the show was really important for him and has "saved" his life.