The Internet Is Obsessed With This Soothing Beverage TikTok Account

Soft music, a candle glowing in the background, and the satisfying clink of ice being dropped into a glass all add to the relaxing effect of the popular TikTok videos created by @caffeinication. The TikTok user has grown quite a following — 602.7K at last count — with the simple theme of making a drink while music plays, and, most importantly, capturing all the tranquil sounds that go along with it to take the edge off your day. The videos are perfect for the ASMR crowd. Viewers can veg out to the sounds of coffee dripping and whipped cream being sprayed while instrumental music plays in the background of the Starbucks Caffè Mocha-Upgraded post or be comforted by the pleasing sound of strawberry ice cream plopping into a drink shaker in the Strawberry Latte post. 

The videos are also on Instagram if that's more your jam. There you can find a list of ingredients for some of the drinks if you are interested in trying to recreate the tranquilizing experience in the comforts of your own abode. Of course, that wouldn't be near as relaxing as having someone make a drink while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

What's next for @caffeinication

With Instagram comments like "Ahhhh your videos are sooo satisfying" and "Omg I've watched this for too long," clearly fans are enraptured with the content from @caffeinication. According to Delish, the site even does giveaways sometimes. What could be better than that? For @caffeinication, the sound of making some cold, hard cash might have a nice ring to it.

It looks like @caffeinication is hoping to make some profit from their chillax, drink-making endeavor. According to an FAQ + Updates reel on their Instagram profile, they are currently putting together a shop for all of the barware used in their videos including "glasses, spoons, pitcher, frother," etc. as well as the ingredients involved "like milk, coffee, and matcha." Their entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop there. The reel also says that they have made their own ice machine and a custom ice mold that they are "hoping to make them available and share them with you all as soon as they're finalized!" Sounds like an exciting next phase for @caffeinication, but for now, we'll just have to enjoy the soft tinkles of ice being (yawn) stirred in a glass, while our eyelids grow heavier and heav...