The Untold Truth Of Justin Sutherland

Justin Sutherland is one inspiring man. According to Bravo TV, this former Top Chef contestant started cooking as a child, observing his mom and grandmother in the kitchen. He polished his skills by attending classes at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and then worked on expanding his skills by working at several restaurants. Sutherland is a strong competitor and isn't intimidated by cooking challenges. Before appearing on Top Chef, he showcased his skills on Iron Chef America and was crowned the winner of the show.

Sutherland seems straightforward and down-to-earth. When he was asked in an interview with Food & Wine about what he'd tell other Top Chef participants to remember while competing on the show, he remarked, "Stay true to yourself and don't worry about what other people are doing. Sometimes all it takes is soup beans." Here's what you should know about this rockstar chef and his life.

He's ambitious and thoughtful

Sutherland is a guy with big dreams. As per his official website, when the chef opened his first eatery, The Handsome Hog, to the public, he wanted to pay a tribute to the South and sought inspiration from his past. Sadly, the restaurant is currently not operational (via Eater). One of the reasons for the closure is the pandemic. Sutherland hasn't been spared and is stressed like his contemporaries: other restaurant owners who are struggling to stay afloat in terms of finances.

However, Sutherland is not a man without hope. He continues to run his other restaurants, like The Gnome, Chickpea Hummus Bar, Obachan Noodles & Chicken among others. The chef has also been proactive during the pandemic, lending his support whenever he can. Red Bull reported that the chef decided to cook for those in need during the pandemic and didn't charge a dime for his services, reaching out to thousands of people in distress (via The Red Bulletin). He spoke about deciding to act after his businesses suffered losses due to the coronavirus, swaying, "I'm not very good at sitting still and being stagnant. Rather than dwell on my own misfortune, we decided to help other people get through it as well." Bravo!