The Real Reason It Takes Longer To Get Food At Five Guys

Downing a milkshake and feasting at a Five Guys restaurant close to you is one experience that will rarely let you down in life. What's not to like? You get to treat yourself to delicious fast food at affordable prices and go home feeling like you did something right. Unbeatable, indeed. According to Mental Floss, it's worth appreciating that First Guys started small before it grew into the fast food institution it is: The founders Jerry and Janie Murrell used cash meant for their kids' college education to start working on a family restaurant in 1986. It's important to add that their children weren't too sure about heading off to college for higher studies.

Jerry Murrell remarked that this was done in a bid to keep his family's ties strong. He said, "They [his children] weren't scholars ... I always liked having my kids around me, so I thought that was a good way to do it," (via USA Today). Well, talk about having a supportive family.

The chain has definitely grown by leaps and bounds over the years. As per the brand, there are more than 1,500 Five Guys locations across the globe and more restaurants are set to open. The brand claims to enjoy a "cult-like following," despite what many Five Guys fans will have noticed: It takes much longer to get your food at Five Guys than at other fast food places. It turns out, there's a good reason for that.

They don't use shortcuts at Five Guys

Believe it or not: the burgers at Five Guys are prepared on the spot, which means that your food is only prepared once you order it, per Eat This, Not That. This is why it takes the brand longer than its peers to serve you a hot meal. Don't underestimate these guys. They prepare everything with a lot of hard work and dedication. Yes, your patties and buns are really grilled after you place your order. Five Guys states that there are no freezers at their restaurants, which means there are no frozen meals. Fresh ingredients require a little time to be assembled, making the wait time a little longer than competitors that use frozen patties or heat lamps. According to Delish, Five Guys cooks don't use timers, and instead, are trained to know when the food is properly cooked.

Thankfully, you still get to drink your milkshake while you wait for that yummy burger, huh? A manager at a Five Guys franchise once explained on Reddit what the brand seeks to do. They wrote, "We just strive to give you the best of the best, that isn't a sit-down and be waited in dinner, not crazy expensive, and offers a lot of variety." That seems worth the wait.