People Are Obsessed With This TikTok Cake Made Entirely Of Potatoes

A cake is a food that somehow manages to be both inherently funny and incredibly festive. As such, mankind's relationship with this particular comestible can get a little weird on occasion. You might remember 2020's hyper-realistic cake trend, which had people staring at every shoe, plant, and piece of furniture with a sneaking suspicion that it might be secretly cake. At any time, you might stumble upon weird cake-themed Twitter accounts, or become obsessed over the most traditional cakes in the world. And let's not even go into the outlandish cake extravaganza (cakextravaganza?) that is Cake Boss 

As such, combining cakes with the inherently chaotic nature of TikTok was always going to lead into some sort of cake-themed madness. However, what just emerged from the social media platform might be even stranger than anyone could ever have assumed. Come, let's take a look at why people are so obsessed with this TikTok cake made entirely of potatoes. 

All potatoes, all the time

The potato cake comes courtesy of TikTok user @zhthot, who posted the clip with the words: "This would be my birthday cake." And what a birthday cake it would be! The finished creation consists of layers of baked potato slices and mashed potatoes, frosted with even more mashed potatoes, and decorated with hash browns, potato wedges, tater tots and mash garnishes. It tastes, according to its maker, like potatoes.

Inevitably, the creation made its way to Twitter, where it attracted the exact amount of terrified fascination and morbid curiosity that only a cake can. "Gen Z is the most chaotic generation to have ever lived in the history of the world," ItsLinzzz_ tweeted, along with a link to the TikTok clip. 

"I don't know whether to be amazed or disgusted. I kind of want a slice, but I also would rather die," user Riahbri1 replied. 

This seems to be a fair summary of people's reactions. Some replies to the post virtually dripped disgust and disbelief. Meanwhile, others immediately started honing the cake to perfection. "It's missing some crumbled crispy bacon bits, sour cream, chives. Come on give it some dazzle dazzle," Nnekawith2ns suggested. It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that someone, somewhere is even preparing to make a potato cake of their own. 

All in all, cake once again takes a decisive point in its apparently everlasting battle against the impressionable internet.