Try This To Take Your Eggs To The Next Level

We've got big news for the breakfast lovers out there: We're about to save you from cleaning yet another dirty dish. No matter how many different ideas you've tried over the years, you've probably never fully perfected your method for making eggs that don't stick to the pan. And no matter how many nonstick pans you've purchased, you've likely been stuck scraping scrambled bits off of yet another skillet. Enter bacon grease: the answer to all of your breakfast woes.

Frying your eggs in bacon grease is an old Southern trick, according to one Reddit user who keeps their cast iron at the ready with leftover fats. Nowadays, the breakfast hack has grown popular among culinary experts and keto enthusiasts thanks to its bold flavor profile and high fat content. The best part? It only requires one pan!

Whether you like fried eggs with a crispy edge or salty scrambled eggs with just the right amount of fluff, trust us — you're going to want to bookmark this for your next brunch.

Of course, if you're a vegetarian, you may want to stick with the traditional route and zest up your scrambled eggs with some butter and spices. You could even get a little wild and a splash of seltzer water for a lighter breakfast (or basically, the polar opposite of what we're shooting for here). And if you're not, then preheat your cast iron, grab the bacon, and prepare your arteries.

Skip the salt and scramble your eggs in bacon grease instead

According to Yahoo!, elevating your eggs with bacon grease is as easy as working with whatever's already in your kitchen. All you need is bacon, a bit of milk, and some eggs. Whisk up the eggs while the meat sizzles and fills your kitchen with that Sunday morning bacon scent.

Ideally, your pan will have about a quarter of an inch of grease left behind once your bacon is crisped. Pour your egg mixture in while the pan is on medium-high heat (or crack your eggs directly in the pan, if you're feeling sunny side up today). Depending on how hot your skillet is, your eggs may crisp up on the edges. If you prefer them fluffy, turn down the heat and let them sizzle until just right (via Just One Donna). To get the softest, bacon-fried eggs possible, PopSugar suggests swapping your pan to a cold burner. That way, the eggs will cook to perfection in the residual heat.

Yahoo! also suggests adding a dash of salt and pepper, but many amateur chefs will disagree. According to Reddit user remyseven, "Bacon is a powerful flavor" that will "obliterate your egg taste." While that sounds intimidating, the warning is likely due to the high sodium content in the bacon you're frying. Don't be discouraged, but maybe save any added salt until after the first (delicious) bite.