The Untold Truth Of Hungry Howie's Pizza

Saying no to a yummy slice of pizza is a task that is close to impossible. When you have your choice of toppings, plenty of cheese, and sides, like garlic bread, it is hard to not find yourself in a state of bliss as you scarf down your delicious meal, feeling thoroughly content and at peace. This is where brands like Hungry Howie's come in. According to the company's official website, it currently has a massive presence in the U.S. and has more than 550 outlets. 

First founded in 1973, the brand's founder, Jim Hearn, and his eventual partner, Steve Jackson, were ambitious about Hungry Howie's. While Hearn first began the journey by opening the pizzeria eatery in Taylor, Mich. by refurbishing a hamburger store, Jackson joined the venture a few years later when he offered to expand and open another outlet. And the rest is history. Hungry Howie's grew quickly and received plenty of attention, expanding at a rapid pace. According to a piece by Inc., Jackson had it pretty rough before he joined Hungry Howie's, juggling odd jobs simply to get by. He said, "I started my career by delivering pizzas as a teenager and through college. I worked hard and made an impression on the company's founder."

He added that what helped him was that Hearn believed in his vision and did not hesitate to bring him on board, as he was focused on introducing Hungry Howie's pizza to customers across the country.

Hungry Howie's offers delicious options

Per Hungry Howie's website, what really works in their favor is the fact that their customers really enjoy their food. Additionally, the brand and its founders pride themselves on the fact that they were the pioneers of introducing customers to pizza crusts with flavors, giving foodies a chance to explore pizza in new ways. Basically, the brand allowed customers to enjoy the best of both worlds by offering pizza with stuffed and flavored crusts (via Spoon University).

As the website also notes, "Our customers are fans of flavor. A menu bursting with flavor and dough made fresh daily in each of our locations makes Hungry Howie's different from the corporate pizza chains." Customers, by the way, are definitely spoilt for choice, as they can choose several crusts like Asiago Cheese, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Butter, Garlic Herb, Onion, Ranch, Cajun, and more. 

A Reddit user noted that, while Hungry Howie's is definitely not fancy, it does not disappoint if you are looking for yummy fast-food. They wrote, "...They're [the pizzas] all pretty good. If you want cheap pizza that's kind of different, try it once and see for yourself."