How To Keep Your Waffles From Getting Soggy

There's nothing quite so good as waking up and having a breakfast of crisp waffles smothered in your favorite toppings. But, if you are not aware of a couple of secrets to keep your waffles crisp, then you could end up with a soggy, chewy mess on your plate. One of the best ways you can ensure your waffles will turn out right from the start is to get the ingredients in the batter correct.

Most waffle batter recipes call for some sugar, which is one ingredient you definitely need mixed in (via Spanglish Spoon). The other is whipped egg whites or meringue powder (via Fifteen Spatulas). Mixing egg whites with a firm peak into your batter will help lighten the waffles. But if you prefer a short cut, meringue powder works as well, according to Spanglish Spoon, and it will also ensure a crispy exterior. 

Another must-have tip for keeping waffles from becoming soggy is to pour them into a very hot waffle maker. With a preheated appliance, the batter starts cooking as soon as it hits the waffle plate, per Spanglish Spoon. You should hear the batter crackle when poured, but to check if the waffle maker is ready before you dollop batter on, let a drop of water fall onto it (via Simply Recipes). If it sizzles, you're ready to start cooking.

This is the best trick for crisp, non-soggy waffles

While a good batter and a hot waffle maker will certainly help you achieve a crisp waffle exterior, the moment of truth is really what you do when the waffles are done cooking. Waffles that are placed flat on a plate, serving platter, or another firm, solid surface like your countertop even, will steam on the side touching the surface making it soggy. According to Spanglish Spoon, you should place hot waffles on a wire cooling rack to allow air under the breakfast food. This will keep them from getting soggy while allowing them to cool.

If you want to keep your waffles hot and from getting soggy, then Simply Recipes suggests making good use of your oven. Simply set it to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Slide the waffles in on a wire rack set inside of a baking sheet to prevent them from steaming on one side. Using this trick, you should never have to eat a soggy waffle again.