What It's Really Like To Work At Culver's

Fast food chain Culver's is pretty fantastic if you consider the fact that the chain has been dazzling its guests with scrumptious food options, like frozen custard, ButterBurgers, banana splits, and more for decades. As per Taste of Home, the brand tries to do justice to its employees by coming up with perks such as scholarships to help them fund their education. The company has assisted thousands of employees by helping them expand their minds since 1993.

But what is it like to actually be an employee at Culver's? One former employee wrote on Quora that it often comes down to your team and how the support they provide. "I must say that the fellow employees that you work with make all of the difference as far as how pleasant a shift can be," they wrote, "and in the fast food industry, the people you work around seem to be constantly changing." With that note in mind, here is what most people think about working at Culver's.

What's it like to work at Culver's? It depends on who you ask.

Many former employees seem to have very strong views about their time working for Culver's. One ex-staff member wrote on Reddit about going back to work every summer and despising the job on account of the meager pay and tough work environment in terms of tackling unreasonable and rude customers. Another former staff member didn't hold back while writing about how disappointing the job was for them. They said, "The best thing to do when working at Culver's is to put in your two weeks. Horrible pay for an overworked position. I quit and am getting much higher pay at a much easier job." Whew!

The former Culver's employee on Quora emphasized the fact that the role came with its share of pros and cons. For example, they were impressed that the company took its hiring process seriously and asked applicants relevant questions before making their final decision. Additionally, while tricky, it's not impossible to work your way up to a better position as you long as you put in the hard work.