Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Sandwich Cookie Thins

Aldi shoppers who love Oreo Thins are in luck — the Benton's cookie brand available at the grocery store chain has its own take on the ultra-thin sandwich cookie, and shoppers are big fans. Aldi-spotting Instagrammer Your Aldi BFF recently posted these cookies with the caption, "I am trying my absolute best to avoid these cookies, The thins are my weakness!! You can seriously eat them like chips!!!!""

Fans were quick to share their love for Benton's Sandwich Cremes Thins in the comments, saying, "Ooh man these are the best," "Love these," and even "Get themmmmm!!!!! They are so good!! Just get one pack and then don't get anymore...Because I ate the whole pack in less than 24 hours."

These addictive sandwich cremes are also super budget friendly — according to Aldi's site, it's just $1.55 for one of these 10.1-ounce packs of cookies. That's less than half the price of a 10.1-ounce pack of Oreo Thins at Walmart, which costs around $3.18. 

Dangerously addictive

The thins come in at least two flavors — one with chocolate cookies and white creme, and the other with chocolate cookies and chocolate creme. Another Aldi-spotting Instagram account, Aldi Favorite Finds, posted these cookies and asked their following, "Did you try the Benton's Thins at Aldi this week?" Sure enough, fans had tried and loved them, warning other shoppers that the thins were "soooooo good but dangerous!" and that they'd instantly become "an addiction."

Oreo fans looking for more budget-friendly replacements will enjoy some of Benton's other offerings. Aldi's cookie selection includes Benton's Original Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, a take on the classic Oreo, as well as the Double Filled variety, inspired by Double Stuf Oreos. There are even vanilla-flavored sandwich cookies to give you your Golden Oreo fix. No need to hit up another store on your way back from Aldi to get the Oreo-type cookies you crave.