Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over These Heat-And-Serve Gyro Slices

Many people love the tender, delicious flavor of gyro meat, but seasoning and cooking the dish to perfection is often time-consuming and tiring. But Daphne's Beef and Lamb Gyro Slices take all the hard work out of gyro preparation, and that's why so many shoppers were excited to see the product pop up on Costco's shelves. User @mrsmaqual expressed her delight about the delicious slices on Instagram, writing, "We discovered these over the summer and I was thrilled that they are back. So easy and so good!"

The heat-and-serve slices are now available at participating Costco locations for only $11.79 per bag. They are 190 calories and contain seven grams of protein, with no added sugar and only five grams of carbs per two-ounce serving, according to Fooducate. While they are a surefire crowd-pleaser, they are also a quick and easy meal to pull together at home on those nights you don't feel like cooking. Each bag contains slices of precooked beef and lamb, so all you have to do is heat before serving, and you'll have a whole meal ready to eat in just a few minutes.

There are many ways to enjoy these gyro slices

Costco shoppers took to social media to share their favorite methods of enjoying these gyro slices as part of a quick and easy dinner. Instagram user @da_masha posted, "I love these. I throw them on a Greek salad with Costco's Sesame dressing," while @tomlih replied, "Yes, and it's amazing! Also purchased naan and made homemade tzatziki. New fav dinner. Highly rec!" Instagrammer @janepriscilla seconded the tzatziki recommendation, saying, "I've eaten a whole bag in a week. Make it with their tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and onions in a tortilla." One Instagrammer with a colorful handle thought they made a great addition to a zucchini bread pizza kit, calling it "super tasty."

No matter how you like your meat, you might find a recipe for pleasure since there's a multitude of ways to enjoy these gyro slices. They seem like an easy way to impress your family and friends by making your dish taste like you spent the whole day sweating over the stove, even though in reality they take hardly any time at all to prepare.