Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out About These New Chile Spiced Pineapple Rings

When you want to reach for a healthy snack, nothing hits the spot like dried fruit and the varieties available can blow your mind. Trader Joe's leads the pack, with innovations such as savory banana and nut mixes, a medley of freeze-dried berries perfect as a dessert topping, or even dragon fruit snacks (via Trader Joe's). If these options can't get you excited, the brand's latest fruit treat can — dried pineapple rings topped with chile seasoning.

Instagrammers @traderjoeslist and @traderjoesobsessed both independently came across this new product and people have lost it when it comes to the snack. In @traderjoeslist's post, a picture of the bag comes alongside the caption, "NEW CHILI SPICED PINEAPPLE $3.69 @thesnacksoflife: If you're looking for something that is both sweet 'n spicy then this is the treat for you! I'm hoping this has that chili lime flavor. I'm also hoping it's not as spicy as those new crispy habanero peppers."

The post has grabbed a ton of attention, attracting over 8,700 likes and comments ranging from "Ugh just take my money!" to "My heartburn from pregnancy spiked just seeing this but dang i cannot wait to try!!!!! Lol." While people have truly shown this product love in this Instagram post, it's not the only place where people have taken notice of this new savory snack.

Trader Joe's new treat is perfect for any fruit lover

Instagrammer @traderjoesobsessed also stumbled upon these pineapple rings, posting a photo of the treat among pictures of Trader Joe's new Za'atar seasoning, almond butter, and almond butter almonds with the caption, "New New New Soooo excited to try all of these!!! I have so many recipe ideas and dips for the Za'atar seasoning and I'm already obsessed with the chile mango so I know I'll love the chile [pineapple] I also can't wait to try the almond butter coated roasted almonds!!! Which one are you most excited for???"

The post has racked up over 2,700 likes and people can't get over the new pineapple rings, chiming in with replies like "The pineapple are so so delicious" and "Just picked up the pineapple and it's so good!" With comments this good all around, it feels weird to not pick up a pack of these new spicy pineapple rings for yourself to see what all the buzz is about. When it can get this many people excited, you don't want to get left out of the hype — make sure to grab a bag of these snacks from Trader Joe's while you can!