Don't Believe This Myth About Burger King's Tuna Salad Sandwich

Buckle up, folks. This story gets a little bit thorny. In mid-January 2021, a radio station in Lansing, Michigan (WITL) wrote a snarky article about a Facebook post that they'd found from Burger King Bahamas that advertised tuna salad sandwiches. About a week later, Twitter users started tweeting out horror stories. "Just had the tuna sandwich from Burger King and now I'm hallucinating," wrote one alleged customer. Another claimed that after finishing Burger King's tuna sandwich, "like 3 of my toes fell off." According to a third, "My little cousin ate the burger king tuna sandwich & turned into a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

It's not that the horror stories were believable. Because if anybody believed them, they'd have to accept that Burger King Bahamas' tuna salad sandwiches (also available on croissants, for the breakfast crowd) came right out of a Harry Potter movie. But, at the very least, the existence of the testimonies seemed to validate the existence of Burger King's new and unusual menu item. Right? Wrong.

Proof Burger King's tuna salad sandwich doesn't exist

Burger King Bahamas wasn't lying. All of the recent Twitter users who claimed to have eaten Burger King's tuna salad sandwich did. As The Takeout pointed out, the Facebook post that WITL reported on dated back to 2017. And, when the media platform reached out to "several Burger King PR reps" to confirm the (non)existence of tuna on Burger King menus, anywhere, it got no reply. After double-checking on Burger King Bahamas' menu, Mashed can also confirm that tuna is no longer an option. (Hash brown burritos are, for what it's worth.)

Unless the staff of WITL radio inadvertently traveled in time (say, on the DMC DeLorean) and are somehow speaking to us from four years into the past, we'll call this like it is. Someone at the radio station got a little careless and reported on a menu item that is old news and can no longer be ordered. No harm, no foul. Because it's not like anyone's yearning after Burger King's tuna fish menu offerings anyways.

On the contrary, WITL's reporting provoked a mini Twitter storm, in which perplexed users suggested, "Eating tuna sandwiches at Burger King is a Felony," and "If you're getting tuna at Burger King, something ain't right in your head." Our final verdict? Tuna fish sandwiches at Burger King may have been a thing of the past, but it's unlikely to become a fad in the future.