The Untold Truth Of Caribou Coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. It's one of the best ways to start a busy morning, really. Perhaps you like to have a strong cup of espresso as soon as you wake up, or maybe you prefer mixing things up with a freshly brewed latte. No matter what your preference is, coffee chains like Caribou Coffee offer you the opportunity to step up your coffee game and explore new options in the caffeine department as you dive into the wonderful world of coffee beans.

According to Funding Universe, the brand was created in 1992 by entrepreneurs Kimberly and John Puckett. Interestingly, the duo established their brand after a backpacking trip in Alaska. They climbed a mountain and hoped to replicate that feeling of exhilaration and triumph they felt after scaling the peak. Thus, Caribou Coffee was marketed as a haven for consumers — a way for them to escape from the hassles of everyday life. As for the name, it was inspired by an experience the Puckett's had on their trip: while climbing down the mountain, the pair spotted wild caribou and that's when the idea was born.

Caribou Coffee has enjoyed quite the journey

The husband and wife duo, Kimberly and John Puckett, were intent on making their dream come true. According to the Star Tribune, Kimberly was so intent on getting people to give their coffee shop a chance that she would painstakingly hand out fliers to people near cinemas. John said that they owed a lot to their dedicated customers who were extremely considerate and gave them a chance. "We'd run out of milk and hand a customer a $20 bill to go get us more milk. Our customers were so loyal. They really gave us a chance," John said.

The brand expanded over the years, becoming a respectable name in the industry. The Pucketts eventually sold the company, but not before ensuring that it achieved the success it deserved. These days, the brand continues to enjoy its hard-earned success. Interestingly, all the beans are roasted in Brooklyn Center, Minn. (via CCX Media). Additionally, Caribou Coffee remains committed to evolving with the times. CEO John Butcher said it best when he told MinnPost, "The coffee space is overloaded. You can get coffee anywhere; you can't get great coffee anywhere. It's a matter of 'Are you a force of good and are you actually designing a cool experience?'"