Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Mini Heart Cookies Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Trader Joe's is one of those supermarket chains that consistently manages to come up with multiple options for its customers, no matter what they are looking for. The best part? They have several categories to choose from and the brand never disappoints in terms of offering high-quality items at affordable rates. According to Glamour, Trader Joe's has even offered several curated items for Valentine's Day in the past that work really well as gifts for your loved ones. 

Previous examples include sugar sprinkled cookies, a dark chocolate bark, and heart-shaped cookies. And guess what? The much-loved heart-shaped cookies have made a comeback this year. Suffice it to say, they are quite popular among Trader Joe's customers already and are definitely worth purchasing if you want to buy something special for your loved ones this year. Curious? Read on for the full lowdown on this extra adorable item that's currently making its presence felt in the market. 

Trader Joe's chocolate covered heart cookies are simply adorable

As highlighted by one Instagram user, the Trader's Joe Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies have made their way to the shelves again this year in the lead up to Valentine's Day. These tiny treats have been described as "bite-sized bits of shortbread cookie love wrapped in dark chocolate."

Customers are pleased, to say the least. One commentator wrote that they are a huge fan of the cookies and think that they taste heavenly. Plus, a food blogger, Become Betty pointed out that they work as a seasonal treat. They said, "It's chocolatey, tasty, and crisp...There is just enough chocolate to coat the outside. The cookie is just the right thickness."

Well, you cannot go wrong with these if you need a quick treat while spending Valentine's Day with your loved ones. Make sure to pick up a couple of extra boxes before they run out — especially if you intend to gift them to your near and dear ones. They are quite popular!