Employees Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At O'Charley's

One of the most respectable chain restaurants in the country, O'Charley's prides itself on its ambience and for creating the kind of atmosphere that allows people to enjoy good food and long-winded conversations with their loved ones. The restaurant is particularly known for its Southern-style food with plenty of delicious dishes on offer such as chicken pot pie, prime rib, potato soup, and more. 

As per the brand, employees at O'Charley's receive access to several perks such as paid time off, a flexible working space, and opportunities to grow within the company. A description on the website states, "A competitive and fun spirit is part of the O'Charley's culture. Every day, we challenge ourselves to reach higher levels of performance and build relationships with our guests, each other, our stakeholders, and our community."

But what is it really like work at the company from those who have actually done it? Here's what you need to know.

The reviews about working for O'Charley's are mostly negative

The brand has a 3.6 rating on Indeed, and according to online testimonials by former staff members at O'Charley's, working for the brand is hit or miss. A former server wrote on the job review site that their experience wasn't extraordinary, but it did present them with the opportunity to befriend new people. Another former employee mentioned that they really disliked working at the restaurant and had a rough time with many of their co-workers.

Another person, who described the job on Glassdoor, felt that the restaurant could benefit from more staff members to help ease the workload. And several, on both Indeed and Glassdoor, complained about the poor hygiene standards — mentioning everything from cockroaches to serving food that was already a day old. So if you're searching for restaurant job opportunities, just based on reviews, it might be best to save your application for another eatery.