This Is How Much Cracker Barrel Employees Really Make

Cracker Barrel is a legendary brand that represents the epitome of comfort food and never fails to bring with it a huge dose of nostalgia and old world charm. According to Today, the first Cracker Barrel outlet was started in a bid to give travelers easy access to essential things like food, gas, and other items that they might need along the way. The brand is now a force to be reckoned with, with numerous outlets across the country.

Working for a huge brand like Cracker Barrel, by the way, is no easy task. Per several testimonials online, you have to brace yourself for all kinds of experiences on the job. For one, employees at Cracker Barrel don't have much time to breathe and need to juggle many tasks on a typical day. Additionally, every outlet differs in terms of the work environment and it comes down to your luck and your coworkers if you are trying to figure out what to expect while working for Cracker Barrel. But how much money can you expect to make as a Cracker Barrel employee?

Cracker Barrel's salary data remains varied

Per data on Indeed, sales representatives at Cracker Barrel can expect to earn somewhere around $8.70 per hour. If you are a customer service representative, you will be looking at approximately $10.63 every hour and you will likely earn $9.95 an hour if you are a cashier. Restaurant managers get $45,493 each year, while cooks earn around $27,806. A retail manager can pocket $43,802 annually. 

A couple of years ago, a server from Cracker Barrel wrote on Reddit that they found the money to be quite decent. They explained, "I absolutely love working at cracker barrel. The pay is honestly quite good for some of the hours I work." Servers usually earn around $24,720 every year.

Additionally, the numbers on Glassdoor indicate that, while the base pay averages $9 per hour, those in retail gigs at the store can expect to earn anywhere from $7 to $11. Of course, your salary ultimately depends on your position at the company.