Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out About This New Secret Sauce

Trader Joe's has jumped into the secret sauce boxing ring, along with the heavy hitters: Hidden Valley Ranch and Sweet Baby Ray's. Its contender for the title? Magnifisauce, which the grocery chain describes as a "tangy sauce of secret proportions" (via Instagram). The sauce's comics-inspired uniform does a lot to help secure its place among mystery sauce champions even before cracking a bottle open. Because, who wouldn't want the sauce that Daredevil puts on his chimichangas or that Suicide Squad's Peacemaker puts on his empanadas?

Followers of the Instagram handle, @traderjoeslist are as taken in by the idea of Trader Joe's Magnifisauce as we are. They're already planning their roast beef sandwich, burgers, fried grilled chicken sandwiches, and shrimp po'boys around it. One comment even suggests that Magnifisauce is the key to "homemade In-N-Out burgers animal style!" If it does compare to In-N-Out Burger's secret sauce, Trader Joe's secret sauce would be superhero-worthy indeed.

Decoding what's inside of Trader Joe's Magnifisauce

With 132 calories and 230 grams of sodium per two tablespoons, this is admittedly not a sauce to slather on your leafy greens if you're going on a diet. (Unless, of course, your version of a salad is similar to McDonald's calorie-packed attempts.) Its line up of ingredients does, however, seem suspiciously similar to what Serious Eats thinks is inside In-N-Out's coveted spread: a Thousand Island dressing made up of ketchup, mayonnaise, and sweet pickle relish. Instead of the ketchup, Trader Joe's uses tomato paste for its Magnifisauce. Instead of mayonnaise, it uses egg yolks and canola oil. (Potato, potahto? you decide).

In addition to what looks like Thousand Island dressing basics, Trader Joe's Magnifisauce is endowed with sea salt, dried garlic, mustard flour, rosemary extract, paprika, and dried cloves. We haven't tried to recreate it ourselves yet, but our bets go to the cloves adding the depth and tang that will make Magnifisauce an instant classic.