People Are Divided On What The Best Chip Flavor Is

If you've taken a stroll down the potato chip aisle recently, then you probably noticed that there are tons of different styles and flavors of chips these days. While the off-beat flavors are great novelties to try, it seems a lot of people tend to go back to the original flavors. At least, it would appear that way to Thrillist, which named original Lay's as the best flavor, followed by cheddar and sour cream chips, and then cream cheese and chives kettle chips.

In actuality, the most popular chips of any kind are Doritos, according to Snack and Bakery, which you might have guessed after they launched their brandless commercial to show the ubiquitousness of their chips. But there are far more brands of potato chips out there than Lay's alone. You may have a preference for one flavor of Zapp's but love a different flavor of Cape Cod or Miss Vickie's chips. Regardless of what brand you love most, the latest Mashed survey has discovered what flavor potato chip fans love most. 

Here's what Mashed readers are snacking on

It's easy to see why there are so many opinions and tastes when it comes to chips. That's why Mashed surveyed 74,000 people worldwide to find out their preference for potato chip flavors. Though the results from the Mashed survey were somewhat incongruous with Thrillist's penchant for snacking on the plain flavors, it was still a very tight race.

Of the 74,000 people who weighed in, the third-most-popular chip flavor was barbecue, which secured 20 percent or 14,800 votes of the total. Up next, were classic potato chips which garnered 22 percent or 16,280 votes. The winning chip flavor according to Mashed readers was sour cream and onion with 31 percent or 22,940 votes. It makes sense that sour cream and onion would be so huge — the flavor, along with barbecue, was the first kind of seasoned chip available in the United States (via HuffPost). Though readers were divided, you can't beat a time-tested flavor combination.

The chip flavor that was left in the dust? It turns out, not that many people are fanatical about salt and vinegar chips, which received just 19 percent or 14,060 votes. The "other" category received eight percent or 5,920 votes. Some of the write-ins included regular kettle chips, Lay's kettle-cooked lattice-cut aged cheddar and black pepper, Lay's chile limon, cheddar and sour cream, and all-dressed chips.