The Real Way Betty White Feels About Fad Diets

While many diets offer a quick fix that might help you shed a few pounds fast, many end up simply being irksome and rather tough to keep up with. This especially applies to fad diets, eating trends that keep on changing and are not quite trustworthy or fun to stick to. Actress Betty White is not a fan. She is the opposite, in fact, and likes giving in to her cravings. She told Bon Appétit in a 2014 interview that she has stuck to unpredictable eating patterns for a long time. The Golden Girls star said, "Lunch is usually a hot dog and french fries, or something equally devilish. Red Whips are my curse."

Whoa. Who would have thought? In fact, the veteran actress loves gorging on several controversial food items, such as fries, vodka with soda, sandwiches, and potato chips (via Spoon University.) As for transient diets, here's her honest opinion. (Hint: she's not vouching for them. At all.)

Betty White has never liked fad diets

It's true that comedic actress Betty White has always been in shape. But, as the Hot in Cleveland star pointed out herself, she cannot deprive herself of the things that she likes eating and has never been able to give in to fad diets. She told Bon Appétit, "There was one [diet] where you ate nothing but grapefruit... I love grapefruit, but I also love other things."  Fair enough, huh? 

White may have a solid argument there, by the way. Fad diets are neither a healthy nor a sustainable way to lose fat. As VeryWellFit points out, diets that offer quick and easy solutions are simply not good for you and will probably cause you to miss out on essential nutrients because they are so drastic. Plus, it's very likely that you will gain weight again once you start eating normally. It's not ideal at all. It's far better to stick to a healthy eating plan and enjoy treats in moderation.