Trader Joe's Fans Are Raving About This Spicy Cauliflower Rice

Finding the perfect cauliflower rice can prove incredibly tough. According to Taste, the dish first appeared in 1998 in California. Chef Ben Ford, son of actor Harrison Ford, introduced the world to cauliflower rice in his restaurant, with the dish originally appearing under the name "cauliflower couscous." The dish took off and has earned its spot among the staples found at any grocery store's freezer section. The dish has evolved once again thanks to Trader Joe's and their brand new Spicy Mexican-Style Riced Cauliflower.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered this new frozen food that comes with tri-color bell peppers, tomatoes, and jalapenos alongside the spiced cauliflower rice. They recently posted a photo of the find, alongside the caption "NEW SPICY MEXICAN RICED CAULIFLOWER// @thesnacksoflife // Cauliflower was quiet for a while, happy to see it re-emerge dressed in Spicy Mexican." This vegan-friendly dish has inspired a lot of love, with the post collecting over 30,000 likes and generated a ton of replies, like "Oooohhhhhh!!! Can't wait to try this..." and "I need to get on over to Trader Joe's ASAP [heart eyes emoji] Thank you for showing off the new items!!!"

The post also showed off the nutrition of the item. Each portion appears to contain a scant 50 calories, in addition to 330 mg of sodium, 2.5 grams of fat, and 5 carbs, among other nutrients. For a straightforward side, you can't ask for a better frozen option!

A spicy rice alternative to fit almost any diet

If the excitement from the original @traderjoeslist post couldn't get you excited, their follow-up can definitely pump you up for this new cauliflower rice. In a recent post, @traderjoeslist showed off a video of what the cauliflower looks like after getting cooked, and it couldn't be more mouthwatering! The public agrees, with users chiming in with replies like "Omg yes It's so spicy and good!! I just made it for dinner and made a taco bowl out of it. Added ground turkey with Siete taco seasoning!! Needed lots of sour cream and guac on top to cool it down tho!!!" and "Even the spatula loves it."

If these posts can't get you excited enough to head down to your local Trader Joe's and pick up a bag of this frozen side, what will? It might just send your taste buds on a journey, and from the sound of the reviews, it might liven up anything you serve it with. Maybe you should try it and see what has created so much buzz!