This Viral TikTok Is Changing The Way People Eat McFlurries

Sometimes there's nothing better than eating some eerily sturdy ice cream swirled with Oreo crumbs and mini M&Ms out of a cup. Even if the ice cream machines are almost always broken — and despite what we know about them when they are actually working — McDonald's McFlurries are a guilty pleasure for the masses. And now, thanks to a TikTok video by social media personality David Dobrik, we know another fun tidbit about McFlurries: They can stack!

In the TikTok video, which is up to 1.8 million likes and counting, Dobrik tests out something he had seen someone else do on TikTok — that is, stack a McFlurry cup on another McDonalds drink cup and see if it stuck. To everyone's delight, it clicked in and definitely held, even keeping its position as he turned the drink and McFlurry completely sideways. As Dobrik said, "Dude, why doesn't McDonalds advertise this? This makes no sense."

So how useful is the McFlurry trick, really?

So now we know you can stack a McFlurry cup on top of a drink cup. Which means... we're not sure exactly what? That you can safely hold a vertical pile of soda and ice cream? In a car with limited cup holders, it might be useful as a space saver, or a way to raise a McFlurry to mouth level without having to hold it in one hand. But besides the advantages of transporting or holding McFlurries safely, we are not quite clear on what the real use is here. Especially since not everyone buys a soft drink with an ice cream.

Nevertheless, the internet went nuts over this alleged "hack," even pointing out the meta-implication of David Dobrik's implicit endorsement for McDonald's: "'Why doesn't McDonald's advertise this' as he is advertising it" noted one user. McDonald's TikTok account even responded, with a sly "and y'all thought my only secret was sauce." What other secrets do fast food container designs hold? We probably won't have to wait long for the next viral TikTok video to find out.