Bad News For Fans Of Popeyes' Cajun Rice

There are certain foods that are surrounded with a sense of nostalgia. Things like pizza, chicken nuggets, and virgin piña coladas have a way of taking everyone back to a much simpler time during their childhood. When it comes to fast food restaurants, everyone remembers their favorite McDonald's Happy Meal combination or the first time they were able to finally eat a "big" slice of pizza like the rest of the adults at Pizza Hut. When it comes to Popeyes, things like its biscuits, chicken, and cajun rice bring about this same level of love and nostalgia. Unfortunately, for many cajun rice lovers, the jig is up. 

The Takeout reports that Popeyes has officially [and unceremoniously] removed its beloved cajun rice (and green beans) from its permanent menu. To the dismay of many, there was no formal announcement made by the company prior to The Takeout doing a deep dive into the issue. The publication was alerted by a distressed customer, who said they had enjoyed the cajun rice for decades with their family.

Fret not, you can make Popeyes cajun rice at home

In an email to The Takeout, Popeyes acknowledges the removal of both the cajun rice and the green beans and explains that the decision was taken after "thoughtful consideration" based on feedback they had received from their customers. So, what are lovers of cajun rice supposed to do when they want to get their fix? Looks like they will have to make it at home unless the chain restaurant decides to "McRib" the cajun rice and release it for limited time specials (The Takeout doesn't divulge if that will be happening). 

Thankfully, the interwebs is riddled with copycat cajun rice recipes like the one from Dinner then Dessert, which only takes 30 minutes to prepare. The blog's recipe requires long grain rice, beef broth, vegetable oil, ground beef, chicken gizzards cooked with several aromatics like onion, garlic and creole seasonings. Chewboom cites that Popeyes will still be serving its beloved cajun fries, mashed potatoes with gravy, red beans and rice, coleslaw and biscuits.