What Great British Bake Off Winner Rahul Mandal Is Up To Now

Anyone who's a fan of the Great British Bake Off is probably familiar with Rahul Mandal, the popular chef who won over the judges as well as viewers by emerging as a strong contender throughout the ninth season, ultimately nabbing the top title for his extraordinary improvement on the show. Mandal, it must be said, was an underdog and unlike a lot of the contestants, did come from a background of baking. The research scientist only decided to seriously compete on the show after being motivated by a colleague to apply and showcase his skills.

Of course, the decision worked in Mandal's favor. He became a household name who is well-known for being especially likable thanks to his easy-going personality and honesty. Wondering what Mandal has been doing after winning Great British Bake Off? Read on to get the full lowdown on where he is now and if he's still an avid baker.

Rahul Mandal is still balancing his career with his passion for baking

While it's true that Rahul Mandal did do some press appearances post-win, he kept his passion for research alive by resuming work at the University of Sheffield's Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research department. He also tried to show support for things he really believes in such as encouraging students to consider STEM and subjects such as math and science. "We need to make a real impact on young minds to try and inspire more children ... to consider engineering as a cool career," he said in an interview with Rotherham Advertiser

Make no mistake: Mandal remains a passionate baker who often experiments with different recipes whenever he gets some time off from his busy schedule. In fact, he recently posted a photo on Instagram of a vegan pastry that he baked from scratch. He didn't stop at writing out the details for the dish though; he also gave a very personal view on how he's doing mental health-wise, and encouraged followers to connect with loved ones in case the pandemic was bringing them down.

In case you're wondering whether Mandal will ever take up baking full-time though, the answer is most likely no. He loves baking but has never felt inclined to make it his career. Still, rest assured, he'll keep sharing photos of his amazing desserts on social media!