Everything You Need To Know About Learning To Cook With Shaq

Veteran basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal, is most definitely skilled on the court. But guess what? He also has skills that go beyond his love for sports, such as the fact that he's not afraid of goofing up on TV as he entertains his fans. Think about this: in 2019, the star launched a TV show called Learning to Cook With Shaq, a proper treat for all his fans as well as cooking enthusiasts (via Globe Newswire). 

But before we give you more details on the show, here's an interesting tidbit of information. O'Neal once admitted that his cooking skills aren't evolved in the least (via Bon Appetit). He said, "Fortunately, I have three sisters who can cook for me, my mother lives around the corner, and I've been blessed to have the same chef for 12 years." Seems like the celebrity decided to challenge himself, after all. Here's what went down after he announced the launch of Learning to Cook With Shaq.

Shaquille O'Neal had his reasons for doing the show

While it's undeniable that O'Neal isn't one to back away from challenges, his decision to be a part of the show was linked to his line of kitchenware and other cooking accessories (via NJ). It was reported that O'Neal's show would feature those close to him, such as close friends and family members. The star released a statement before the show's launch and said, "Nothing brings people together like food and my new collection features top-of-the-line kitchen necessities that anyone can use to prep, cook and serve their favorite recipes."

As per a statement released by Globe Newswire, the show's first season was a success and its next edition is going to focus on the stuff that O'Neal has to offer his fans such as health supplements, cooking accessories and tools, among others. The show is currently backed by iMedia Brands, Inc. Its CEO, Tim Peterman, said, "We look forward to launching the second season of 'Learning to Cook with Shaq' and leveraging our networks' promotional power to both maximize the sales of Shaq products and further expand these products' brick-and-mortar retail penetration." Interestingly, O'Neal's products are available for sale in Target stores, as well as Sam's Club outlets across the country.