Aldi's Hawaiian Bagels Are Turning Heads

If you've never heard of a Hawaiian bagel, don't feel left out. A Hawaiian bagel features a blend of coconut and pineapple baked inside a traditional plain bagel, and it sometimes features flecks of coconut on the exterior of the bread. If you believe you can't get a hold of something this exquisite in your area, think again! Thanks to Aldi, you can potentially expect to see Hawaiian bagels coming to your area, and the tastes have won herds of shoppers over. 

Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds discovered Aldi's new Hawaiian bagels, posting a picture of the find alongside the caption, "Hawaiian Bagels are so delicious! I stocked up last time these hit shelves and we just ran out so I am super excited that these are back! How many bags will you grab and put in the freezer?" A ton of positive feedback has poured in since the post went up. The picture has so far attracted over 1,500 likes and received responses like "they are good. I've had them!" and "trust your taste buds LOL I'll try to find them." Bagel fanatics on the other end of Instagram recently came across the goods, and their reactions only confirm all the positive sentiments over at @aldifavoritefinds' post.

Hawaiian bagels can help you forget about winter

Instagram user @adventuresinaldi separately discovered the new take on bagels, adding fuel to the hype fire. They posted a picture of them holding a package of the bagels, alongside a description reading "Ok Aldi, I see you with the Hawaiian bagels! I'm sure these are so YUMMY!! Who has had them?! Leave your thoughts below! Do they have that sweet Hawaiian taste?! Found in the regular bread section for $1.99." Their post has almost scored 1,000 likes, and the public agrees with all of the positive attention. Responses range from "Delicious! I eat them with the strawberry cream cheese spread omg," to "That's a really good price wow. I love Hawaiian bread, I"m sure these are amazing." 

If you have never indulged in a Hawaiian bagel before, Aldi has made it easier than ever to take home this novel taste sensation. If it sounds too wild, just try a bite and you won't want bagels any other way. Make sure to check your Aldi for this new twist on a classic breakfast staple next time you make a grocery run — you won't regret it!