The World's Only Popeyes Buffet Might Soon Be Gone For Good

If you have been following food news, you probably can't escape periodical updates regarding the fried chicken sandwich war. While Popeyes continues to hold steady thanks to its wide variety of fried chicken sandwich offerings, even this time-tested brand can't escape some tragedy. According to NBC, Popeyes' parent company lost 25 percent of its revenue in 2020, despite the chicken chain bringing in the big bucks. This economic plunge has sent shockwaves through the brand, and as a result, we may have to say goodbye to one of the last relics that Popeyes held onto since moving into the new millennium.

According to Fox, the last Popeyes buffet, located in Lafayette, La., might face closure soon. The potential closure comes as the result of restrictions that the government placed on buffets as a result of COVID-19, and the original owner had already decided to shut the buffet for good. However, a new management company stepped in and acquired the location and is now considering if they wish to re-open the buffet once its safe to do so. Unfortunately, if we lose this buffet, we'll lose a slice of history.

A Popeyes holding onto its past

This particular buffet has a long history and many have claimed the location as one of their favorite eating establishments. According to ESPN, Anthony Bourdain graced the location at least three times during his trips down south and thanks to his visits, the location's popularity soared. The buffet, stocking a variety of fried chicken and Popeyes' signature sides, now faces a bleak future. Hopefully, popular support can keep the location alive and kicking, and with any luck, we can enjoy a pilgrimage to this historic buffet soon.

While the details continue to get ironed out, we shouldn't plan to hold our breath until we see the final fate of this storied establishment. The loss of this establishment would join tens of thousands of restaurants that COVID-19 has forced out of business. According to Business Insider, 17 percent of American restaurants have closed due to the virus, and the loss of this buffet would be another drop in the bucket of the amount of restaurateurs forced under in the past year. We can only keep our fingers crossed that this location stays afloat and continues serving up its classic Louisiana fare for years to come.