Nearly 20% Believe They're Most Likely To Have Stress-Free Shopping Experience At This Store

When you're out grocery shopping, the last thing you want to worry about is stressing while looking for your favorite items. It helps if it's easier to discover discounted items easily at the store and get your doubts clarified without trying too hard. Of course, it's also useful if the products are exactly where you need them to be and you don't need to go to the other end of the store to find what you're looking for.

So, what exactly do shoppers think about the different stores out there? Is there a particular brand that they love much more than the others? Mashed did a bit of digging and conducted a survey that included 656 participants. It included all the popular options that you'd expect including Costco, Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, Meijer, Aldi, and more. Turns out, there is one particular brand that many respondents picked over its counterparts, particularly, for the stress-free experience that it offers. 

The store that came in at the top might surprise you

So, which store makes it customers feel the most at ease when they're shopping? Target, of course! It beat the other brands with 31.71 percent of the respondents choosing the retail chain over its competition. This might explain how Target was able to rake in over $77 billion in sales in just one year, per Statista. Meanwhile, Costco was next at 19.36 percent, followed by Walmart at 16.16 percent, and Aldi at 12.04 percent. Next on the list, was Sam's Club at 11.59 percent, and only 2.29 percent chose Meijer. 

Interestingly, 6.86 percent chose to go with the "other" option. Why? Well, here's a quick look at some of the answers. A respondent wrote, "None. They are all too packed or you have to wait in line to get in." Another explained that the pandemic has made grocery shopping extra stressful. Others chose options like Trader Joe's, T.J. Maxx, Whole Foods, Amazon, Kohl's and even independent stores. Interesting.