Costco's Avocado Oil Is Higher-Quality Than You Thought

It's no secret that avocado has triumphantly taken over the world. Whether it's spread on toast or made into a smoothie, there is no avoiding this delicious green fruit, especially for home cooks who are looking to stick to clean cooking. There is no denying that this wondrous fruit is packed with incredible nutritious vitamins, minerals, and fats that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, if you're a skilled at-home chef there is no better weapon of choice when it comes to baking, frying, or sautéing than avocado oil.

Unrefined like extra olive oil, possessing a high smoke point, and one of the cooking oils with the most monounsaturated fats available (via Time), it seems avocado oil is undoubtedly the best option for cooks. Unfortunately, due to its recent takeover of kitchens across the country, many brands have decided to fill avocado oil bottles with everything but the avocado. Yikes! Thankfully, for buyers who visit the promised land of wholesale, otherwise known as Costco, you're in for a healthy treat when it comes to getting your hands on some of the best avocado oil out there.

The best on the market, according to UC Davis

While you might've scored some great purchases in your recent visit to the store, you might want to take a second look at that bargain-priced avocado oil you managed to snag, because according to UC Davis, you might have just purchased a bottle full of rancid, oxidized oil mixed with other oils like soybean. In the country's first extensive study of commercial avocado oil, UC Davis found that "the vast majority of avocado oil sold in the U.S. is of poor quality, mislabeled, or adulterated with other oils."

But don't toss away the avocado oil just yet, there is hope! The study was also successfully able to identify two brands that have the purest and nonoxidized oil: Chosen Foods and Marianne's Avocado Oil — both of which are made in Mexico. Costco shoppers are in luck, as they can find 33.8 fluid ounces of pure bliss in a bottle of Chosen Foods avocado oil at Costco locations. Toss out the old bottles of avocado oil and get yourself one you deserve!