Sweet Baby Ray's Just Gave BBQ Sauce Fans 3 New Reasons To Talk

Sweet Baby Ray's, the Illinoisan barbecue sauce company, has released three limited-edition flavors: Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce, Korean Barbecue & Wing Sauce, and Nashville Hot Sauce. Previously, these were only commercially available to foodservice outlets, meaning you can now enjoy the tastes you've grown to like at home.

In a press release shared with Mashed, the company detailed the flavor profiles of each. They suggest that Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce would make a great addition to dishes besides wings and could serve as the foundation for garlic bread, garlic-flavored pizza dough, and a spread for a sandwich. The Korean Barbecue & Wing Sauce is sweet and spicy, boasting flavors of gochujang, garlic, onion, and ginger. The vinegar and cayenne powering the Nashville Hot Sauce are meant for those who want actual heat for their wings.

All of these are available on Sweet Baby Ray's new web store in 64 oz bottles for $12 each for as long as supplies last. In response to a questioning Canadian on Facebook, they had to clarify that these limited sauces are only available in the United States, though their core sauces can be bought abroad. 

They offer merch as well

The limited run of these flavors seems to have been set to coincide with the launch of their new web store. At least, that is the explanation given in another press release announcing both the flavors and the store (via PR Newswire).

Alongside their bbq sauces, various branded hats and shirts are available. "Over the years we've seen photos from fans who've designed their own Sweet Baby Ray's-inspired Halloween costumes, dressed their infants in branded onesies, and even received photos of a few Ray's tattoos," Tom Murphy, Vice President, Brand Marketing for Sweet Baby Ray's, explained. "For those looking for a slightly less permanent way to share their enthusiasm – we're happy to offer a new lineup of hats, shirts and other gear." The shirts come with three types of text (via Sweet Baby Ray's Shop). The first is simple branding while one of the others bears the twice repeated phrase, "Sauce is life," and the third states, "Mr. Steal You Grill."

For those looking for yet more action from Sweet Baby Ray's, their website also offers recipes that utilize their sauces as well as the request for you to submit your own. So if you the new sauces whet your appetite, act fast and stock up on supply for you know not when you will be able to acquire these flavors again.