Costco Fans Are Freaking Out About These Tonkotsu Ramen Kits

You may consider yourself a ramen fan, but have you ever had the chance to sample a tonkotsu ramen? According to ANA, this special type of noodle dish originated in the Kurume Prefecture in 1937 and features a cloudy white broth created by overheating pork bone broth. This style of ramen spread throughout the world and has cemented itself as one of the most popular varieties thanks to its rich flavors.

If you would love to try this ramen but don't have the time to fly out to Kurume Prefecture, you can sample the dish much closer to home than you might expect. Instagrammer @costcodeals recently found a tonkotsu ramen kit at their local Costco, and couldn't believe their luck. They posted a picture of the kit, alongside the caption: "TONKOTSU MISO RAMEN is now at Costco! Pulmuone's new Japanese-style TONKOTSU MISO BROTH is incredibly rich and flavorful and made with fresh RAMEN NOODLES and SLOW COOKED CHASHU PORK. Now you can satisfy that craving and whip up a hot, slurpable bowl of ramen anytime at home in minutes!"

Ramen fans have been digging the recent find. The post has attracted almost 12,000 likes and the positive replies have flooded in, including gems like, "yummm!!! Come over and try it!!!" and "it comes with pork!" If the responses can't get you pumped to try this unique ramen, wait until you see what comes in each kit.

A tonkotsu ramen kit packed to the brim with flavor

If you still feel hesitant about grabbing this goodie on your next Costco run, just wait until you hear what comes inside each kit. According to @costcodeals, each kit includes fresh ramen noodles, tonkotsu miso broth, chasu pork, and a vegetable topping. They recommend taking your noodle game one step further by including an extra soft-boiled egg, bok choy, fresh scallions, fried garlic and nori for the ultimate ramen experience. If you can't wait to grab the kit, hold your horses. 

According to the post, the ramen sets exclusively appear at Costcos in San Diego, Calif., as well as Costcos across New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. If you live outside those regions, you might need a friend in the Southwest to ship you some of these kits so you can get in on the flavor too. Make sure to get a move on soon if you want to grab these kits. 

Afterall, Costco has a habit of frequently shifting their merchandise around, and we have no idea how long we should expect to enjoy this meal kit before it disappears. If the idea of a rich ramen experience takes your breath away, make sure to pick up this ramen kit on your next grocery run, and you won't be disappointed!