Costco Shoppers Are Divided On This Chocolate Hummus

Adventurous eaters everywhere, rejoice — especially those with a constantly aching sweet tooth, as Costco is now offering dark chocolate hummus (via Instagram). Yes, you read that right! Dark chocolate hummus. As if you needed another chocolate spread, right? While you might be a bit skeptical and think this has gone too far — hear us out! Akin to Nutella, but with way less sugar and half the calories, we're sure you will not be able to put this Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus down and will want to add it to everything — from fruit to toasted bread, and literally any dessert you can think of. For those of you with a handy Costco membership, well, it's safe to say you'll be glad it's a wholesale retailer, as you're going to want to stock up once you realize what you were missing out on!

What makes this dark chocolate hummus so special? For one thing, you'll definitely feel guilt-free every time you eat it.

The hummus you didn't know you needed

You might be feeling a little divided on this chocolate hummus — one commenter on the Instagram post simply said "grossest" — let's remember that life is short and sometimes it pays to be adventurous! For Tribe Hummus, that is exactly what they intended — a modern twist on tradition. "You still start out the traditional hummus-way — and then you take a turn for the best. It's hummus gone rogue. It's also chocolate gone right," says the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus description. And we couldn't agree more!

Coming in at 100 calories per one cup serving size, the Tribe Dark Chocolate Hummus has no artificial preservatives, 10g of sugar, and only 2.5g of total fat (via Tribe Hummus). Which is great news for those of us chocolate aficionados looking for a healthy alternative to most store-bought spreads!

While you never imagined chocolate and chickpeas could be such a tasty combo, this chocolate-y hummus is proof that healthy chocolate is a possibility. Go ahead and treat yourself — you've earned it!