A Majority Of People Think This Dairy Queen Blizzard Should Be Taken Off The Menu

Those who visit Dairy Queen to enjoy a Blizzard from time to time probably have a favorite or a go-to order. While the flavors of the month, new candy options, and other seasonal Blizzards are almost always tempting, there are some that are just too run-of-the-mill or sickeningly sweet. That's why Mashed conducted a survey of the flavors that Dairy Queen fans might like to see leave the menu.

There were seven choices, but one was the overwhelming flavor to be tossed aside. The Blizzard flavors included Snickers, Oreo, M&M, Heath, Butterfinger, cotton candy, and an "other" write-in option. A total of 656 people were polled, and the majority of the vote, 53.66 percent, went to cotton candy. That means 352 people of the 656 voted to get rid of the cotton candy Blizzard altogether. Cotton candy can be divisive, and the flavor most associated with childhood often ranks low on ice cream flavor lists (via Thrillist).

The runner-up may surprise you, though. The next flavor with the second-most votes was Heath bar Blizzard with 14.33 percent of the vote.

These are the Blizzards everybody wants to keep on the menu

There were plenty of runners up with lower tallies of the vote. In third place was Butterfinger with 10.52 percent of the vote or 69 votes. Oreo closely followed with 8.23 percent of the vote. In fifth place, Snickers gained only 5.34 percent of the vote — meaning lots of people wanted the flavor to stick around.

Finally, the last two categories were perfectly split between the votes. Both M&M and the "other" categories received just 3.96 percent of the votes. For the other category, people were encouraged to write-in their thoughts or alternative picks. The majority of the write-in simply said, "none," meaning they wouldn't want to get rid of any of the flavors. A few wanted to eliminate them all and some called the flavors "too sweet." Fortunately, most of these classic Blizzard flavors aren't going anywhere. So, no matter your preference, you'll still be able to get your favorite.