The Reason Nicole Byer Thinks Cardi B Should Be A Contestant On Nailed It!

Fans of Nailed It! know just how funny the show is, but there haven't been any new episodes since the fourth season premiered way back in April 2020. However, the show's hysterical host, Nicole Byer, seems to have scouted a new contestant — and maybe even a new spin on the series. 

For Valentine's Day, Cardi B posted a photo of chocolate-covered strawberries to Twitter that looked far less than appealing. The chocolate looked scorched and lumpy, not to mention, there was a puddle of chocolate juice too. Her caption read, "How sweet. Homemade chocolate cover strawberries." But that's when Byer, whose show prides itself on redeeming amateur bakers, struck. She retweeted Cardi B and added the caption, "Hi @iamcardib I host a show called @NailedIt and I truly think you'd be wonderful on it," (via Twitter). Needless to say, the comments on both the original post and Byer's post were scathing.

Of course, there was a lot of feedback from fans of the musician and the show. Without a doubt, there was lots of bathroom humor, and some of it was way too vivid and descriptive to even been funny. The least-offensive of the comments on Cardi B's original post read, "Currently wondering if these were made by Minnie Jackson," you know, the former maid in the movie The Help who baked a laced chocolate pie.

Cardi B's chocolate skills are promising

On Byer's thread, one commenter shifted the focus away from the gross-looking chocolate that was packed onto the strawberries and to the chocolate puddle. They wrote, "it's the brown juice for me." But the bright and consistent sentiment throughout the thread was clear: Fans want a celebrity season of Nailed It! to air.

One comment said, "PLEASE GIVE US CELEBRITY NAILED IT please the world is hard and democracy is dying we need this." Another wrote, "I WOULD DIE FOR THIS COLLAB." Someone else apparently began chanting, "CELEBRITY NAILED IT CELEBRITY NAILED IT." And another agreed, "This is literally the best idea ever. A whole season of just celebrities!"

Finally, someone else responded, "I second, third and fourth this." While most people are probably just glad they don't have to eat that Valentine's Day treat, just as many people are dying to see Cardi B duke it out on the show with other celebrities as they attempt to bake.