This Canadian Chicken Would Eat At Tim Hortons Every Day

In 2017, a local Tim Hortons in Shediac, New Brunswick began receiving an unusual but very loyal new customer. Beginning in the late summer, a chicken would cross the busy Main Street every day around 1 p.m. to get to the Tim Hortons across the street, CBC News reported.

"I think he's got a Tim Hortons addiction. He wants a coffee. A double-double!" Marcelle Leger, an employee at the Tim Hortons , joked to CBC News. "He kind of does look for cars when he's coming over. Or he'll stop for a while, and watch the traffic and continue on. Sometimes it takes him five, 10 minutes to cross, but he eventually crosses over. It's the strangest thing," she went on to explain. Some Tim Hortons' regulars would even take the time to escort the chicken safely across the road to his favorite coffee shop and back, like Larry Blanchard, who visits the Tim Horton's location up to three times a day.

According to the company website, Tim Hortons is a restaurant chain originating in Canada, specializing in coffee drinks, pastries, and fast-food items.

The chicken belonged to a local family

Blanchard explained the chicken "just comes over to feed on this side. Instead of the other side. Chickens like to dig up the dirt, and peck away at it, and that's what it does." Other customers have noted the chicken can be seen scouring the ground outside the Tim Hortons, looking for tasty crumbs and tidbits that human customers have left behind. "He just crosses the road, and picks at the grass, and comes around the Tim's and picks a few little things up, tries to find something to eat," another regular, Donald Bourgoin, explained to CBC News.

However, the unlikely visitor has been causing some issues with local traffic, as motorists have often had to stop to avoid the chicken while he was in the middle of the road. According to Fox News, the chicken belongs to a family living in one of the homes across the street from the coffee shop, even though owning a pet chicken is actually against the law in Shediac. Law enforcement officials were unable to determine exactly where the chicken lives, and all attempts they made to apprehend the coffee and donut-loving chicken were unsuccessful.